Upgrade from Vista Document Management, or Replace VCM (previously Construction Imaging)

A Superior Document Management Solution at Lower Cost

When you first purchased (Vista by) Viewpoint, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) may not have been a priority.  Maybe it wasn’t even on the radar.  Many companies maintained paper-based filing systems when they installed Viewpoint, and some, surprisingly, still do.  Many more progressed to scanning and storing documents as PDFs in network folders.

Some companies began using ECM technology with an early entrant into the industry named Construction Imaging Systems (CIS).  Viewpoint purchased CIS in 2012 and rebranded the product as VCM.  Companies that wanted ECM capabilities and purchased VCM are realizing that the product is quite "long in the tooth" and soon approaching end-of-life. Like older versions of other software products, it will likely keep working for the foreseeable future, but enhancements stopped long ago and the end of support is on the horizon.

Whether your firm has been using paper based systems, network folders, or VCM, ECM technology for document management and workflow automation is likely a subject under consideration or will be soon.  For most firms, the conversation around ECM begins with the need to solve a problem, and for many the tipping point is routing and approving AP invoices.

Viewpoint’s native AP Unapproved Invoice and attachment features provide customers with a basic solution for routing and approving invoices, but some have found the system to be too rudimentary or the limitations too restrictive to meet their needs.  That was the situation for Seth Dawson, the CFO of Cajun Industries.  He was a Viewpoint customer that needed a more robust solution to manage the volume and complexities of routing and approving invoices for a company with many distant offices and operating locations.  Finding early ECM products to be too simplistic or expensive, he set out to develop a custom solution for managing construction invoices and related documents, then integrated it with their Viewpoint system.  Soon thereafter, the software that originated as “Cajun Scan” helped launch a new company, Paperless Environments, and its pVault Software suite has been developed into a full-featured ECM solution for contractors.

Now in use by hundreds of construction firms, pVault ECM software is solving problems and improving workflow efficiency for Viewpoint customers throughout the U.S.  Perhaps pVault can solve one or more of these problems for your firm:

Is your AP Unapproved Invoice software too rudimentary or out-of-date to meet your needs?  Are  users frustrated with the limited capabilities and  inefficient workarounds of using DM or VCM?

  • Do you need the ability to review and approve invoices from a mobile device, like an iPad, or iPhone?
  • Does your volume of AP invoices merit an optical character recognition (OCR) capture solution to reduce the data entry burden?
  • Do you need more flexible and robust rules for handling exceptions and escalations?
  • Do you need the invoice  approval system to also show reviewers related attachments like Subcontracts, Receivers, Purchase Orders and Credit/Return Memos?
  • Is pre-sorting and collating invoices and other documents for batch scanning taking too much time and effort from more productive work?
  • Is the lack of enhancements and support for your ECM system reducing its value to your firm?

Do you need to route other types of documents for review and approval?  

  • Contract, Billings, Subcontracts, Change Orders and other documents often merit review and annotations before they are sent out for signature. Are you still managing this process with email, where documents are often lost or misplaced?

  • Do you want routed documents to follow a rule based workflow?  Doing this with paper documents is extremely slow and cumbersome.  Emailing files stored in network folders creates additional risks.

  • Managing  documents via email attachments lacks rule based controls or accountability, and the annotation tools are typically not adequate or user friendly.
  • Do you need better version controls to track both originals and changes to documents?

Do you need better management tools for documents that are unrelated to Viewpoint data? 

Scanning corporate records and other documents to network file folders makes them hard to secure, find, annotate and share with (or restrict from) others.  Examples include:

  • Insurance documents (policies, declarations, claims, correspondence)
  • Tax Records (Federal, State and local filings and work papers)
  • Corporate Records (Registrations, Operating & Shareholder Agreements, Meeting Minutes, Third Party Agreements, etc.)
  • Business Licenses, Permits, Leases and Property records

 Does your firm need a comprehensive, enterprise wide solution to managing documents?

  • Are documents spread across multiple server and desktop platforms, folders and filing cabinets?  Do you know the risks this entails?
  • Is  managing documents through Vista attachments consuming too many precious user licenses?

  • Are you frustrated with the poor image rendering and annotation capabilities of the Vista DM viewer?
  • Is finding documents through the Vista DM Search function too cumbersome to be useful?

Paperless Environments’ pVault Software can solve these problems and help your company manage documents and workflow more efficiently. As Certified Consultants for Viewpoint, and Value Added Resellers for Paperless, Workflow Professionals is uniquely qualified to help Viewpoint customers install and successfully implement integrated Vista/ECM solutions.

If you’d like to learn more about Workflow Professionals and pVault Software for Vista by Viewpoint users, give us a call, and sign up for our mailings on the Contact page.