Software & Usage Assessments


  • Does your ERP Software fit your business needs, or are you using spreadsheets and custom databases to "work around" the shortcomings?  Is it time for you to consider a new ERP system?
  • Does your ERP system usage suffer from an incomplete or poorly designed implementation?  
  • Has turnover in the office and field staff eroded the knowledge base of how your system should function?
  • Have your data capture methods kept pace with technology?  Are you still using paper forms?  Are you entering the same data more than once because your capture systems aren't integrated?

Apply Best Practices


  • Are the shortcuts in your processes or procedures introducing risk into your operations?  
  • Do you know the status of your subcontractors' insurance?  How about their sub-tiers?  How much would an uninsured accident on your job site cost your company?
  • How well are you measuring field productivity?
  • Is your procure-to-pay cycle an efficient process, or are you chasing down job cost information when it's time to pay invoices?  How much time are you spending re-classifying costs that were mis-coded?
  • How prepared are you to recover from a fire, flood or other disaster?

Implementations & Improvements

Our consulting services are provided independently or in conjunction with our technology partners:

  • Viewpoint, Inc. - Certified Consultant - Operations and Accounting - Training & Implementations
  • Paperless Environments - Authorized Value Added Reseller - Sales, Training & Implementations
  • Burger Consulting Group - Senior Consultant - Software Assessments, Selections, Process Improvement, Training & Implementations.
  • Business Information Group (BIG) - Software Training & Implementations

Construction ERP Systems Accounting Systems & Processes

  • Human Resources & Payroll
  • Purchasing, Subcontracts & Payables
  • Compliance & Risk Management
  • Job Billing & Receivables
  • General Ledger/Financial Accounting & Reporting
  • Report Design & Development

Construction ERP Systems Operations Systems & Processes

  • Project Management, including Estimating Integration, Budgeting, Document and Change Order Management
  • Job Cost & Performance Measurement
  • Material Management
  • Equipment Management
  • Field Data Capture & Solution Integration

Construction ECM Systems Enterprise Content Management

  • Document Imaging & Automated Data Capture
  • Workflow Automation - Electronic Routing & Approval
  • ERP System Integration
  • Electronic Records Management
  • Document Topology Design & Retention Policies